Valetudo aims to be a vendor-agnostic abstraction and cloud replacement for vacuum robots which started as a standalone binary on rooted roborock vacuums.

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Getting Started

This page shall help you start using Valetudo. Make sure that you’ve read the latest newcomer guide. If you haven’t done that already please do so and then come back here.

Table of Contents

  1. Choosing a robot
  2. Installing Valetudo
  3. Joining Wifi
  4. Using Valetudo
  5. Now What?

Choosing a robot

First, you’ll need to acquire a supported robot. There are many ways to do that, but usually they involve you paying money. To not waste all that hard-earned money, please make sure to thoroughly read the supported robots docs page. There are remarks for each device, which shall help you decide on what to buy.

Please refrain from buying any random robot just to then ask how we can make Valetudo on that thing happen.

Installing Valetudo

After you’ve acquired your supported vacuum robot, the next step is to do a simple test run before you void your warranty. Usually it’s possible to simply use the buttons on the robot to start a cleanup. No need to use an official app.

If everything seems to be working fine with no unexpected error messages, weird behaviour or things catching fire, you can now navigate to the rooting instructions docs page and follow the matching guide for your model of robot.

Joining Wifi

With your robot rooted and Valetudo installed, the next step is to join your robot to your Wi-Fi network so that you can interact with it. To do that, please do not execute any random shell commands or edit some config files as that often leads to breakage.

Instead, you should use Valetudo for that. The easiest way, which avoids common issues is to use the android companion app and follow the instructions there after pressing the + button on the bottom right.

You can also connect to the Webinterface of Valetudo in your browser and use it to do the provisioning.

Using Valetudo

With your Valetudo-enabled robot being connected to your home network, you can now start using it by simply opening its webinterface in the browser of your choice unless your choice is the Internet Explorer.

If you don’t know how to find said Webinterface, you can use the android companion app, which will autodiscover Valetudo instances on your network.

If you’re using a computer running Microsoft Windows, you can also open the explorer and navigate to “Network” where your new robot should also be autodiscovered.


If things don’t work as expected after the initial Wi-Fi provisioning, please try rebooting the robot once.

Now What?

Congratulations! You have now significantly increased the baseline cleanliness of your living space.

It is strongly recommended to now connect Valetudo to the home automation system of your choice such as OpenHab or Home Assistant.

Using that, you can now do things such as

and more.

Also, consider checking out the companion apps section of the docs where you can find stuff like Valeronoi, which can build a Wi-Fi signal heatmap from the data provided by Valetudo.

Or maybe you’re interested in importing your floor plan into minecraft or the source game engine?