Open source cloud replacement for vacuum robots enabling local-only operation

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Buying supported robots

The recommended source to buy a supported robot is wherever it is cheapest. In general, when buying something, you should always use price comparison websites, shopping communities, check Aliexpress etc.


As mentioned above, the supported robots offers an autogenerated overview of all supported robots.

For your convenience however, here’s the gist of it (updated 2022-08-05).

Note: This list only features robots that can be fairly easy to root depending on the firmware they’re running. They’re also ranked based on desirability due to features, performance, etc.

For buying a new robot, the best options would be the these:

If you’re on a budget, you could also consider buying one of these:

If you’re even more on a budget, consider buying one of these:

It has come to my attention that there are other people trying to make money off Valetudo by using it to get people to click on their affiliate links. Therefore, I’ve decided to have my own affiliate links. I’m not exactly happy with this, however if people want to use such things, they should at least use them in a way where the money ends up supporting the project.

If you want to support the project, consider donating using Github sponsors instead of using affiliate links as they are part of the advertising industry, which some people might describe as bad.


For price comparison, check out or Also, don’t forget and of course Aliexpress.

If Amazon is something that you like to use, here are some affiliate links for it: