Buying Supported Robots

The recommended source to buy a supported robot is wherever it is cheapest. In general, when buying something, you should always use price comparison websites, shopping communities, check Aliexpress etc.


Last update: 2023-11-07

We have reached a point where giving out general recommendations doesn’t really make sense anymore as there are just too many supported robots with varying attributes such as features, price, rootability and also availability in your area.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Answering these questions should help you pick the right unit. If you require additional guidance, feel free to join the telegram group.

But if you’re really only looking for a general recommendation, just buy the Dreame L10S Ultra.
It can do proper mopping, has an auto-empty-dock, obstacle avoidance, a rubber brush to better deal with long hair, it can detect pet waste, it’s priced competitively and it’s also rootable without doing too scary things. Basically it ticks all the boxes.

To get a feel for which model can do what, feel free to check out the grouped links below.

If you want to support the project, consider donating using GitHub sponsors instead of using affiliate links as they are part of the advertising industry, which some people might describe as bad.

If Amazon is something that you like to use, here are some affiliate links for it.
The DE ones end up supporting me, Hypfer, while the non-DE ones fund Dennis’ work. Apparently it’s easy for a US Amazon affiliate account to generate links on all the other Amazons but not the other way round.

Mop- and Auto Empty Dock

Auto Empty Dock

Regular Dock


Cloud replacement for vacuum robots enabling local-only operation

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