Valetudo aims to be a vendor-agnostic abstraction and cloud replacement for vacuum robots which started as a standalone binary on rooted roborock vacuums.

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Free your vacuum from the cloud

Valetudo is a standalone binary, which runs on rooted Vacuums of the Xiaomi ecosystem and aims to enable the user to operate the robot vacuum without any Cloud Connection whatsoever.

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Expectation Management

This project is the hobby of some random guy on the internet. There is no intent to monetize Valetudo now or in the future meaning that market share is irrelevant. Therefore, this is run as a zero compromises project.

This project is not user focussed. It is provided for free as open source to anyone but that’s all. User satisfaction is no goal of Valetudo.

As Valetudo only exists because it is fun to maintain/improve/etc., any departure from this core policy would be the death of the project. It could be a slow death with the values slowly eroding in favour of monetization/data stealing/etc. but it would be a death either way.

I don’t want Valetudo to die. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that either. Thus, please be mindful of that fact next time you’re angry about your ideas being rejected because they don’t fit the projects goals.