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Shenzhen 3irobotix Co.,Ltd. produces white-label vacuum robots. They are sold under various brands. For example Cecotec Conga or Viomi. Since they are basically the same products, hopefully, Valetudo will eventually support all of them.

For now however, there’s only experimental support for the Viomi-branded ones which run a customized firmware including a miio interface.

If you want to find out more about robot vacuum research, check out Dennis’ Vacuum Robot Overview.

Table of Contents

  1. CRL-200S


This one is also known as the

and there are multiple Device IDs in the Mi ecosystem as well:

CRL-200S Viomi V2 Top


These are the Hardware specs

Property Value Notes
Height 9.45 cm  
Width 35 cm  
Battery Capacity 3200 mAh  
Dustbin Size 600 ml  
Suction Power 2000 Pa  
Climbing Ability 20 mm  
Washable Filter  
Mop Feature  
Water Pump  

And here are the Software specs. This table is based on Viomi V7 FW Version 46

Feature Value Valetudo Support Notes
Zoned Cleanup  
Persistent Maps  
Virtual Walls  
Room Detection  
Carpet Detection  
Bin State Reporting only reports the kind of bin, not any fill level