Cloud-free control webinterface for vacuum robots

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Important Roborock Stuff

These is a list of important files on the robot. I am mainly writing this down here so everyone can backup these and restore them in case of full reset+reflashing.

List of files/folder

Zones + Spots configuration, mqtt + other config


Status to keep map


various map data

mnt/data/rockrobo/user_map0 current map

mnt/data/rockrobo/last_map previous map, will be used if robot does not recognize where it is

mnt/data/rockrobo/robot.db last cleaning path

mnt/data/rockrobo/PersistData virtual zones and walls?

mnt/data/rockrobo/ mnt/data/rockrobo/ named positions

To backup copy the files from the robot to a safe place. (lab.cfg can be easily set, see FAQ)

To restore just copy the files over to the robot and reboot valetudo.