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Upgrading Valetudo

If you’re a long time user of Valetudo, you will probably at some point want to upgrade to a newer Valetudo version.

The release notes of a new version can always be found in the releases section.

This information will most likely become outdated rather quickly so make sure to check this page on each update.

Upgrading Roborock Vacuums

S5, V1 and S6

If you’re using an S5 or V1, the recommended way to upgrade Valetudo is to flash a new image. This requires you to have SSH access to the robot.

  1. Select the Build for manual installation (requires SSH to install) option in dustbuilder. You will then receive a link to a tar archive by email.
  2. Login to your robot via SSH.
  3. Download the tar file to the /mnt/data folder and extract it:
    cd /mnt/data
    wget <url to tar from dustbuilder>
    tar xf <file.tar>
  4. The robot has two systems, you cannot update a system whilst it is in use. You will be in system A by default, allowing you to update system B. Update system B (from system A) then reboot into system B:
  5. Reconnect to your robot via SSH. You’ll now be in system B, allowing you to update system A. Update system A (from system B) then reboot back into system A for normal operation:
    rm -f <file.tar>

Your robot should now be running the latest version.

You can also stop the Valetudo service by running /etc/init/S11valetudo stop, and then replace the binary via scp + reboot or restart the service.

Just make sure that you try a full reflash if you encounter any issues such as “No Map Data” or disappearing settings.

If you don’t have ssh available, you will need to do a full factory reset to re-enable OTA updates on supported robots, and then follow the initial installation procedure.

Upgrading Viomi vacuums

  1. SSH into the vacuum and kill valetudo: killall valetudo
  2. Replace the old Valetudo binary in /mnt/UDISK/valetudo with the new one
    • If you get a “Text file busy” error, it means Valetudo is still running. Try to kill it again.
    • If the issue still occurs, delete the old binary before uploading the new one
  3. If your init script (/etc/init.d/valetudo) is outdated or different than the one in this repository (deployment/viomi/etc/init.d/valetudo), you need to update it as well
    1. Run /etc/init.d/valetudo disable
    2. Ensure that no files with “valetudo” in the name are still present under /etc/rc.d. If there are any, delete them.
    3. Upload the new init script to /etc/init.d/valetudo
    4. Run /etc/init.d/valetudo enable
  4. Reboot your vacuum: reboot